03 March 2007


we love the idea of tagging cats to hug others, so:


we are furry sorry that there are bad feelings, and hope those go away, permanently and forefurr, furry furry soon! we loves our blogosphere, and wants it the way it useta be!!

27 February 2007

am i a cattibal?

yesterday, My Mommy and Daddy had some 'licious-smelling food. we sat nicely, waiting. then they gave me a piece and i scarfed it down--it was WONderful!! they gave me anofurr. more wonderfulness!! then i saw all the boycats laughing at me. they were yellin', "xing is a cattibal, xing is a cattibal! don't you know what you're eating??? it's CATfish! CATfish!!"

i ran away in tears. did i really eat something CAT?????

25 February 2007

a blustery day . . .

we hasn't had any of the ice or snow that weather people are talking about in the midwest, but oh, my! the wind!! it has gusted between 45 and 50 miles per hour, which means if we'd been flying the kites that mom's so fond of, we would have waved at toby in boston as we flew overhead several hours ago, and would be well on our way to visiting our buddies eric & flynn, and fat eric across the pond (if we din't get dropped into the sea)!!