07 December 2007

an old adage made new . . .

Look before you . . . seat.
feh. (donor unknown; nitro's tail is completely incidental.)

06 December 2007


ST NICHOLAS DAY MASSACRE????oh, woe! there is a crime scene right down at the end of our street!!
mom sez she saw santa, a angel, an' frosty the snowman there last night,
but this afternoon--oh WOE!--this is all that's left!!
did some wicked bean steal their bodies?
why would they leaf their clo'es behind?
did some aliens suck out all their innards?
what happened here?
can the CCSI team or somekitty figger this all out?
what happens if santa doesn't come back????

thank you thursday

this golden rose was given to us by the lovely miss peach at her afternoon tea yesterday. it was a surprise birthday party for her mom! we had lotsa fun, lotsa food, an' some embarassment when ed broke a window by burping too loud. (it's ok, we're sending someone to mend it tomorrow. can't take him anywhere!) aside from that, it's the nicest afternoon we've spent in a long time, an' we thank her furry much for trusting us in their beautyful victorian cottage, an' for making it such a delightful party. she is truly the hostess with the (genteel) mostest!! kisses, miss peach!!

04 December 2007

wacky picture wednesday

xingxing here:

our little maple tree got dressed up for catsmas this year (you can biggify it)! My Mommy sez it's a work in progress, that as she finds more sparklies that she thinks will be ok outdoors, she will add them to it.

unlike last year's tree, it has ornaments on it, but we don't have any more access to this one than we did that one. darn brown dog. My Mommy sez she will try to get a picture of the tree lighted up, but it'll depend on when My Daddy gets the big orange stenshun cord outta the barn so it can get hitched up to the lectrical juice. what does that juice taste like, anyway? is it like tuna juice? ed told me it has a real kick to it, an' if i lick the little plug-goes-here-inna-wall place, i'll find out, but he also told me that catfish was kitties an' i was a cattibal for eatin' it, so i don't trust him anymore.

lunch with tabby cats

when mom came home for lunch yesterday,
we waited patiently, as always, to be fed.
we were well-behaved, as always!oops! nitro's caught stalking the wild turkey-slice!!
(photo's a little smeary--photographer reaching for schpritz bottle)
oops!! another stalker!!! (at this point,
ed departed the table--he saw the schpritz bottle.)
nitro was brave even while staring into the cannon's
. . . errrrr . . . schpritz bottle's mouth! (left lower corner)
he took what was coming to him, no excuses.
(xing doesn't get schpritzed; she's already skittish enough.)
then came detente, even between sworn enemies nitro and xingxing,
since there was turkey gravy on offer to seal the deal.
(ed and nels opted for private dining facilities in the window nook.)

02 December 2007

not-so-typical sunday

here is a non-typical sunday morning when we are all AWAKE!!!