29 August 2007

we 'members oscar

i 'members him 'cause i nefur heard of a puppycat before, an' he looked just like what i thought a perfect puppycat should look.

i 'members him 'cause he was a happy kitty an' allus had good stuff to say to effuryone!

i remember him because he was loving and giving, adopting cat-children, and making them feel special.

i 'members him acause he looked just like me, an' us gorgeous gingers stick togefur like brofurs.

we'll all miss him so much. we're glad we had the chance to know him. we knows we'll meet him someday, an' that'll be great! party on, li'l buddy!!

halp! i'm being hatched!!

27 August 2007

whoop whoop whoop!!!!

we are furry proud of our edmund, who won a prize in monty q's contest!
thanks to efurryone who entered, an' special thanks to monty & his mombean!!

he thanks you with his laser eyes!!