10 September 2010



  1. involving or suggesting the supernatural;
  2. unearthly or uncanny: a weird sound; weird lights.
  3. fantastic; bizarre: a weird getup.
whut's goin' on here????

these manbeans are stark staring cuckoo!!!
don't they even haff a clue among them?

sharing treats wiff vishus deers???

an' kisses???

what do you fink?

09 September 2010


in solidarity wif our ozarks cuzzins, the ozark mountain cats,
we sellybrates

we is proud to be frum an' liff in missouri--an' prouder still that the whole werld is sellybratin' what a wunnerful place this is fur cats! YAYYYYYY, MISSOURI!!!!!

*whut, mom?*
that "MO" does not mean "missouri"
*nahhhhhh, couldn't be--it's onna innernets, so it MUST be true*
whatever. you're cats, you do as you please anyway.
*yewbetcha! GO, MISSOURI!!*

08 September 2010

the FAMBLY tree, that is!

our cousin, simon meezer, of arizona!! he is a mild-mannered meezer on weekdays and a paintbrush for hire on weekends! (biggify on his tail, if you don't believe us!)

07 September 2010

toezie tuesday

our edmund, blissfully unaware that while his left toezies are merely objects of beauty and admiration, his RIGHT toezies are courting a couple of good, swif biffs to his head, courtesy of his crabby sisfur, xing.