08 March 2012

thankful thursday

ahhhhhh, head skritchies!!
i am thankful mommer hafs nice long fingernails!!

07 March 2012

sleepin' wif the enemy

who would belief that this mornin', these two were swearin' an' tusslin' an' threatenin' to rip each ofur's hearts out an' eat 'em wifout enny beans OR red wines. they was fightin' so hard, somecat (or maybe both) was pootin' wif eggsershun, an' there's tufties of white, brown, AND orinch furs efurrywhere!! 

06 March 2012

bird t.v. - streaming live!!!

wif a speshul guest appearance by the dbd an' a sqwerl!! mommer was enjoyin' my active viewin' (jumpin' an' chatterin') so much, she fergot to take a picture of that stuff. the pichur above is when i furst tuned in.

05 March 2012

easy like sunday

now if daddy would only put down the flashybox, efurrything would be purrfect!