16 November 2007

we is furry sad today . . .

we found out yesterday that our woofie cousin, bradley, went to the rainbow bridge. he was a furry nice, well behaved woofie wif a really silky coat. our mom helped us make this picture to remember him, but she din't get it buzzackly how she wanted it, acause she was so sad about bradley that she wetted the keyboard until she was afurraid it'd short out. you kin biggify it to see better. we sends our purrs an' headbonks to bean cousins pam an' bob, an' bradley's bean brofur, scott an' his fambly.

14 November 2007

it wasn't us, mom!

nope. not us. we dunno WHO dun it, mom. maybe that little see-through feller from the family circus toon, mr. "not me". yup. yeahhhhhhh, that's the ticket. WE would NEFUR fight an' roll around on the counter an' knock the ceramic owl mug onto the quarry tile floor. at 3 ayem. inna morning. nefur. not us. nope. you din't see any of us out there when you staggered out, barefoot an' squinty-eyed, didja? see? it COULDN'TA been us. we wasn't even there. nope. not us, mom.

howcome ya din't get a photo of the destruction? maybe you woulda got a picture of that "not me" guy on film! huh? you hadda clean up the pieces before you could get to the camera, an' you'd be dipped in WHAT before you spread them all out again just to take a picture? that's not furry nice langwidge, mom.

but it wasn't us. really. REALLY!

12 November 2007

mancat monday

even the manliest of mencats stop to luxuriate in a good chin-skritch once in a while. pampering can be manly, too!