12 November 2010

11 November 2010

 our daddy an' bofe our grandaddies was inna militaries, an' we fink they are brave an' good. we are proud that they joined wif so many beans to keep our country safe an' strong!
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thank a veteran--not just today, but efurry day!!

peeyes:  happy purrthday to our cousin, lauren!!

10 November 2010

once again, hell freezes ofur

yes, ladycats and gentlemancats, the above-titled amazing Event of Biblical Proportions has occurred again! the hissy, squirrelly girlcat, the fat fluffy cat, an' the aggravated ginger cat all shared mom as the temperature outside (and inside) plummeted an' warmth was at a premium before dad built a fire inna firebox!! you will notice that xing gives edmund a spectacular view of her best side, while ed tries (unsuccessfully, thank bast) to light her butt on fire wif his laser eyes, an' nitro just wants to be left the heck alone to sleep.

igmu's whereabouts are unknown, which is a blessing, otherwise this "peaceful" gathering would not have occurred, iggy's penchant for stirring things up being what it is.

09 November 2010

the cat's in the cradle . . .

(sorry the picture is fuzzy; i was trying to stifle my snickering--meower mom)

08 November 2010

mancat ed

mancats know how to find comfy nap spots in quiet, out-of-the-way places.

however, moms, in pursuit of cuteness know how to find and disturb them with the flashybox. drat their hides!