15 December 2010

duck 'n' cover!

last night i was unner attack!! it was finally warm enuf to come outta the nap pile, an' i was playin' in my crinkly tunnel in fronta the sofa. the dbd was layin' onna sofa just above my head, an' all of a sudden, she asploded!!! her head wagged about a skillion times, her not inconsiderable body levitated a coupla inches offa the sofa, her ears flapped so hard i thought she was gonna fly up onna ceiling fan, an' the most nockshus schpritz flew through the airs--i was just comin' outta the tunnel an' got soaked!!! an' this is not to mention the drefful but indescribable sound that assaulted my ears! natchurly, i, ummmmmm, sauntered away slowly to get a better view of the debree field.

after a while, efurrything looked as normal as it's efur gonna look where the dbd is concerned, so i reapproached the tunnel, stoppin' to examine the dbd's nose (from which had issued the asplosion). she drew in a quick breth, an' i saw my brief life flash befur my eyes . . . the whole thing started ofur AGAIN! billions of tiny particles rusht towards me like wet, angry bees, her ears flapt, an' this time, i, uhhhhh, sauntered ofur to my safe, cozy catcave unnerneath the platform rocker. i'm stayin' here fur a while to be sure the asplosions are ofur fur good!

13 December 2010

not today, furriends

it is 4 degrees F on our carport (that's MINUS 15.5 C for our furriends ofur the pond). we are goin' back to our snuggle pile. that is all.

(fanks to aDORAble an' eric 'n' flynn fur catchin' the oopsie onna temprachur!)