08 January 2009

what do i spy . . .

wif my little eye?mom sez a flutterby lived there . . .
perhaps . . . it is teh evil!!
i will creep up on ithmmmm. don't smell like no evil . . .
aha! it does not move. i haf scairt it to def!!
how nice it would be to play wif! it sticks to my claws!! but mom sez, "no". so i will go roust xing, instead. HA!

06 January 2009

tabby (& some toesies) tuesday

tabbies is spos'd to be mellow kitties. i just dunno what's wrong with that xing-cat!! she nefur lets me get a purr in edgewise, an' gripes even if i look at her exaltedness. sisfurs! bah.

05 January 2009

proud woofie!!

cocoa's still furry proud of the toy squirrel she got for catsmas! she totes it around, wagging all the way, for 20 minutes at the time--if not more. she doesn't want to give it to you, just have you notice that she's got it!!