14 June 2012


this mornin', a sparrow landed onna window sill outside an' then jumped up an' clung to the screen. iggy jumped offa the table an' skidded inta the window as soon as he saw him. you can't see it from here, but ig now has screen cross-cross marks on his nose from how hard he plowed into that window.  now nitro and igmu waiting patiently for the sparrow to come back to the window. what are the odds of THAT, after haffin' a giant catface wif fangs bared knock you off yer perch the first time?? poor little berd is prolly layin' onna ground unner the window, wonderin' if ennyberd got the license number of the truck that hit him!

13 June 2012

sharing is good!

breffust wif mom ... as long as she ain't lookin'.

12 June 2012


daddy plays handy home chiropractor.
but why does I hafta be the one gettin' a adjussment? 
there in't anythin' wrong wif me!!

11 June 2012

international box day

ed inna box

NOTE: mommer can't read worth a hoot. she thoughted TODAY was Innernashunal Box Day, so here's our post for NEXT week!
well, it is the "rain box" ...

i couldn't find a box ...