09 May 2009

we din't blow away . . .

this is what the talky-picture box inna living room looked like yesterday morning. mom told us it was a picture of the weather up above, an' that we was right inna middle of the red part. we was haffin' a drefful storm that blew, an' blew, an' blew, an' blew, an' rained like billy-be-damned, as mom sez. so we found out why they din't go fishin' last weekend when the orange an' yellow spots was ofur their fishin' place!

an' mom an' dad are furry unhappy that this little tree went dead; it gave them cherries efurry year, an' a furriend of theirs made happy juice from them. no happy juice this year.

:sigh: they're cranky enuf even WIF the h.j.--what will they be like wifout it?

06 May 2009

woofie wednesday

ok, we knows we's sposed to be about kitties, but dambrowndog is our sisfur, after all, an' we can feature her sometimes when we're feelin' benevolent.

yesterday, mom came home at lunchtime an' let cocoa out. when she went to let her back in, this is what she saw:
he's cocoa's furrst daddybean, wayne from down the street. they weren't able to spend enough time wif her an' she got kinda rowdy, so they asked if we wanted her. they knew that we had all loved thor-of-blessed-memory (an' his wife an' their dogger, sugarbritches an' xena) an' knew how to lif wif spicy woofies. so we tol' mom an' dad it was ok by us, since we was used to woofies, an' she came to liff here.

but they haf neffur forgotted each ofur an' has kept up this ofur-the-fence romance efur since. mom sez it kinda makes her sad to see them togefur like this, since she knows how hard it is to gif up a furrbaby, an' acause she can see that daddy wayne loves cocoa furry much an' would take her back in a minit if he could.

05 May 2009

tabby tuesday

it's nitro, peerin' outta the conning tower of his furry own silver submarine, which may come in pretty handy soon if it don't stop rainin'. it rained efurry day but one last week, an' is sposed to rain efurry day but one this week. alla the outdoor fev-vers are startin' to grow webs in their feets, an' we notice that worms can't swim worth a durn.

04 May 2009

sunday morning lazies

we were ALL furry lazy; even though she was awake to take the moovey, mom din't even post this until this mornin'!! we dunno if you kin hear it on yer puter, but even the dambrowndog is snorin' inna background.

mom an' dad got up early to go fishin', but there was yellow an' orange spots onna livin' room talkin' box that meant there was storms where they were gonna take the boat, so they put their jammies back on an' just moped aroun' the house. that was fine by us. we gots LOTSA warm, quality lap/nap time wif them!! an' this evenin', dad put real live dead chick-hen onna grill outside, an' we got some!! nitro hadda try efurrything onna plates, of course, an' one of them he really liked was the baked beans. ed sez he ain't sleepin' cuddled up to nitro tonight even if it's 40 degrees below freezin'.