12 September 2012

toezies an' tongues tuesday on wednesday

mommer met this sweet li'l pussycat at the reid park zoo in tucson! she was so tickled at the pink tongue peekin' out amidst the snores;-)

10 September 2012


you guyse!!! guess whut!! a few munths ago, a ladybean named kennedy morgan emailed us an' wanted to know if we would be innerested in bein' the subjeck of a mazagine article!!! (we were dummies; we thoughted the mazagine, Spot Magazine, was only online, but it is a real, live publication inna Pacific Northwest. miss kennedy is a woofie breeder (but she hafs ofur critters, includin' cats, too), an' is a furry nice person.

well, we talked it ofur wif mom an' miss jan of jan's funnyfarm, who made our header an' background fur us, an' decided it was a good idear. so mommer helped us gather a few facts, miss jan provided graphics, an' we tole miss kennedy about ourselfs. the publishin' wheels started rollin', an' we started waitin'.

she tole us the publication would be out in july, but it din't show up an' it din't show up, an' by august mommer was turrible sick an' din't care no more. but lo an' behold, a couple-three days ago, miss jan emailed to say she'd checked yet again, an' it was online at last. effidently the e-version was haffin' some prollems that caused it to come out lonnnngggggg after the paper version.

but the 'portantest thing is, it is HERE now!!!

so we are haffin' our 15-views-of-fame at last--hope you will rejoice wif us! an' yes, if we are efur caught wearin' garments, you may touch the hem of them;-D

an' a big PS:  if you likes the luffly header an' background miss jan made, you should tell 'er so--an' if you wants one, she'll be glad to do business wif you!