05 April 2012

mr chewy review

some time (an embarrassin' amount of time, we admits), mr chewy's assistant, brent, invited us to eat an' review a variety of stuff frum mr chewy's webstore. well, free food? bring it on!!! so we's starting off wif cocoa, aka the dbd: mommer got her the doggie wishbone, the flossies spiral chew, an' the wizzlers beef treat. in her own words:

"mmmmm. chompslurpchewchewchewmmmmmmmssss
lobberchompslurpnomnomnom. gulp. jeez, that was good--y'got enny more?"

no complaints from her at all, an' efurrytime mommer gave her one, she attacked them like she hadn't been fed for hours. really; she's a dawg--what can you expect? mommer thinks they were excellent quality, well packaged, din't stain the rugs, an' thinks they MUSTA been really good--the dbd even growled at us when we came ovur to sniff 'em, an' she usually doesn't do that.

now. on to the important stuff--OUR opinions!

zukes natural purrs tender chicken treats--four paws up (all of us liked them), an' mommer thought it was a furry good thing there is no wheat or corn or soy innit. (she's partial to rice an' barley herself, an' thought we should eat more.)

we kin say ditto--four paws up--fur the halo real chicken treats, although we don't remember that one real good, acause we inhaled it all inna first week!! mommer thinks that was the oven-baked one, an' she likes that idea.

the pure bit beef livver treats was fantastic, but we kin only gif it a three paws up--nitro wouldn't eat it. we dunno what is wrong wif him, because even xing, who doesn't usually eat treats, gobbled 'em up. mommer likes the idea of freeze-dried so it's not messy.

for the king kamehameha foods canned sampler: four paws up!!! we all of us adored the fishy goodness in efurry can (an' we fink there was a chicken one?), an' polished our dishes clean. me (nitro) an' ed both eat doctor foods, but mommer gave us goodish tastes efurry time. the only thing was, xing yakked up the mackerel flavor each time she had it. she liked it an' hoovered it up wif no hesitation, but later on was visited by the ghost of mackerel past. eh! she's a long-fur an' barfs a lot ennyway.

amongst the merrick gourmet foods canned sampler, efurry flavor was toothsome, an' we treated it as such. we LOVED the gravies, an' especially grammy's pot pie. there was just somethin' about that one--even daddy thought it smelled tasty (but we din't share). again, four paws up! nocat had any complaints about ennything, an' mommer liked the fact that most of them din't smell terrible strong to her puny nose.
daddy suggested that maybe "gormay" is wasted on us ozarks cats. hah! bast knows, if we eat mouses, mayflies, lizzerds, an' crickets in addition to human and grocery store & v-e-t foods, we obviously haf educated palates. we know what's good, an' by cod, alla the foods an' treats we got frum mr chewy is GOOD!
mr chewy carries 80 different brands of nutritious, pet-health-conscious foods, so there'll be somethin' there to make even the pickiest cat (or dawg) happy in a healthy was. an' if you're lookin' to avoid those last-minute trips to the store by yer staff when yer stummick's yowlin' fer food, they can even develop a delivery schedule tailored to meet your needs--so when you wants the food, it's already there!!

04 April 2012


here is a small portion of feeding time at the pierce zoo. if we kin keep frum tramplin' the videoist, we will try to post anofur portion at a later date. she's a little wary of nitro now ...

03 April 2012

we has a guest today ...

last week, mommer took care of our buddies getzger, tubby, blue kitty, an' sprinky while miss ginger an' mr gary went walkabout. after she scooped their litter, she went to the sink to wash her hands an' was almost knocked ofur by an abyssinian inna extreme hurry. she had furgot that getzger loves to drink frum the faucet, so she let him slurp!

02 April 2012

easy like ...

well, we don't call nitro "captain obvious" fer nuthin';-)