09 October 2013

the Old Boycats Club

where they cuss an' discuss things such as girlcats, babycats, an' other unfathomable fings, an' just generally hang out togefur.

07 October 2013

black kitteh's name!

(reposted from mommer's bookface post):

it appears to be official: the little black boycat is henceforth yclept Captain James T Kirk, known to his intimates as "Jim". This was suggested by Clancy and Cupcake (their momma is Kate Johnson). They said:
Since all the critters at your house have the same first name- Dammit!- (see header on the meowers' blog http://www.nels-ed-nitro-xing.blogspot.com/ ),we all think the new little one should be named Jim as in "Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not a (insert noun here)!"

(Respectfully submitted by Clancy and Cupcake via Mum's opposable thumbs.)
and after friday afternoon's trip to the vet, when he put mommer through the kobiyashi maru scenario (more on this eventually), it was cinched!

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iggy here:
i met the kitties ofur the weekend an' they seem ok. the little girl (we fink her name is lola, but we ain't sure yet ... she kinda hinted but din't say fer sure) is furry nice. i even tasted jim, an' it's kinda strange--he tasted a little like ME! not sure what to make of that. we gonna study on this a little more befur we render any more opinions.

oh, an' pleez purr fur our screwy sisfur, xing. she hafs all sortsa "rats" onner butt an' tail acause she won't let nobuddy brush 'em, so she's gonna get a "lion cut" today. mommer asplained that that's a HAIRS cut xing, an' it won't hurt, but some of the peoples at the veterinary might get hurt ... we'll tellya how it all turns out.

later, furriends!