25 April 2008


mom & dad wented out to look for a new machine to replace mom's ancient green one, an' THIS is what they discovered in the front yard of an ofurwise purrfectly normal-looking home:


they haf the absolute crust to brag about themselfs by advertisin' the location this flagrantly! we din't see no beans around, so we dunno if they is bein' held hostage an' stockholm'd, or if they is willing participants . . . or if they has been *shudder* eaten!! we can't quite figger out what role the swans play, eifur. dessert? fev-ver factories for kitty-lures?

there is something more than usually upsettin' about the big deer onna right, but we can't quite put our paw on it . . .

if you wanna know the location so you can avoid teleporting around it on the way to our house, we can email it to you.

PLEASE, PLEASE be extraordinarily aware--they are organizing!!!

24 April 2008

our NOMSS furriend!

it was lannie's barkday last sunday--we wishes you a shiny happy barkday, lanfear! may you an' your beans live long an' prosper;-)

21 April 2008

manly mancat monday

if YOU don't talk to your kitty about 'nip, who will?
(how about those mancatly whisker humps, gals??)