19 December 2009

mom goes fur a ride!

ed repurrts:

mom really special treatment yesterday!! daddy came home from work early, an' then some ofur nice men came to the house too, an' before you knew it, she had all four men kneelin' at her feets while she sat in our nicest chair an' each one of 'em talked to her an' gave her somethin'!

then some ofur beans drove up inna really stylin' limo--furry patriotic -- all red, white, an' blue! we hears it costs 1000 green papers to ride innit. them beans had furry fancy unyforms on, an' we thought we was haffin' a really splendid gatherin'. they talked to mom an' gave her stuff, too.

but then dad got in his big maroon machine an' took off, an' mom went wif the two beans inna limo to a big fancy building where they drove right inside wiff her an' she there she talked to a to LOTS an' LOTSA beans, an' many of them gave her stuff, too! dad was there, already.

then efurryone (but mom) decided that mom would stay there ofurnight. she was outvoted an' furry cranky, because her & daddy's godbaby from omaha was passin' through town on her way south, an' she hasn't seen her since 3 years. so mom din't get to see her, but dad cooked fur her an' talked all efening wif her an' me an' xing, an' iggy got to meet her. she is a furry nice lady!! but chiken-butt nitro din't come out at all asept to eat, an' dad hadda stand there an' guard him while he did. then he went an' hid all night. ::bawkkkkkk-bawkkkkkk-bawkkkkkk!!!!:: xingy got to sleep wif her an' sez she is furry cuddly.

well, you prolly guessed by now that the place mom went was th hopsital, an' alla the beans who came to visit were fire fighter EMTs and Emergency Medical Services (anna limo was a amulence). she has assma, an' the night before, she had a furry bad sinus attack that made her coff alot, and suck in more airs than she could push back out. so she wasn't able to breafe hardly at all--a classic assma attack.

a coupla weeks ago, she had bronchitis, an' took aunty biotiks fur it, an' apparently got all better. but maybe a few bugs just stuck around an' got lively later on acause she also had newmoanyuh.

so after about a millyun breathing treatments an' a billyun more bags of aunty biotiks, she is mo' bettah today anna doc decided she could go home an take more aunty biotiks an' sleep in her own bed. mom is glad; she sez a hopsital is noplace to go if you expect to rest. so she is nappin' inna recliner, an' dad gots the humididifire hooked up an' runnin'. we will keep you posted, but we suspects our catsmas project is on hold. we's sorry!!

17 December 2009

good behavior makes . . .

strange bedfellows just before catsmas!we bets THEY gets prezzunts!
we are furry thankful that gramma moved to tucson so we could haff this cozy critter bed that useta be hers. mom & dad calls it a "couch", but alla us meowers know it's really a critter bed!

14 December 2009

igmu speaks . . .

*sigh* why does efurryone fink i am a bad boycat? i can't helps it!! i am jus' a kitty, an' i doesn't know how to be anyfing differnt. i just does what i did when i liffed outside--why is inside differnt? does this "growin' up" thing that efurrycat talks about help me be better? when can i do it?? mom sez there could be a "hoohaectomy" sooner 'steada later in my future; does that help? what is it, ennyway?

i hopes that mr. santy paws knows that i really doesn't mean to be mean or bad. ed sez he brings lumps of black stuff to naughty kitties, but i pretty much like to play wif black lumps of stuff, so maybe it won't be too bad. an' ennyway, my good furriend billy sweetfeets norton sez he will share his pressies wif me--he's such a nice kitty to offer to share, i'm sure mr. santy paws will be extra-nice to him!

13 December 2009

iggy's in trouble, big time! we KNOW he's not gettin' anyfing fur catsmas. we heard xing whinin' about him pickin' on her, but that ain't what's gonna get him a lump of dog doody in his sock. here's his score so far this week:

monday: grabbed mom's breffust sammich wif a paw when she put it down to get a drink of coffee. then he drank the coffee when she went to get the squirter to shoot him wif. result: drenching

tuesday: knocked dad's ice cream bowl outta his hand when he rushed to get his face in it. result: thwap onna headbone wif a spoon

wednesday: knocked mom's big wood peppergrinder down so dbd could use it as a chewbone. result: nuffin' excep a really potent stink-eye from mom, since she knew it was too late for yellin' an' wouldn't do no good

thursday: grabbed a bite outta mom's lasagna while she was eatin' it. result: fork-thwap onna skull, an' a butt-load of frustration acause he couldn't lick the lasagna residue offa the top of his head

friday: dragged mom's sammich plumb offa the table an' onto the floor while she got the grape joos outta the fridjamerator. result: dbd got a snack, iggy got a swat wif the noospaper

saturday: he got the bread box open an' tunneled his sneaky li'l arm an' paw alla way down to the bottom of the loaf!! dad asked him how he'd like it if HE got toasted inna toaster an' had jelly lathered all ofur him, since there was no breads left fur dad's breffust. we hear mom & dad are gonna keep the breadbox inna microwave frum now on. we finks it might be easier on efurryone if they kept iggy there, instead.

if santy paws really DOES know efurrything efurrykitty does, igmu is s-k-r-e-w-e-d!