08 December 2006

kind of a catch-all!!

ed here: well, i opened it, like y'all said--there's a pretty catsmass package, so mom sez i gots to save that one, but there were also nip-scented fevver-butt mousies and yummy new "dental care" temptations and a pretty card from gemini, georgia, and chey! so i shared, and we played and played with the mousies and chomped down on the temptations--it was ALL good!! an' we enjoyed even more entertainment than they actually packed in the box, 'cause we got to see mom whack cocoa (coo-coo dawg) onna head with the tv guide to get a mousie outta her mouth!! THANK YOU, gemini, georgia, and cheysuli!!! this was my first secret paw, and i love it!!

nels here: i hafta ask you to be serious for a while, and go to libby marie's blog and offer all the words of comfort and love that you can. you will be furry sad, but you hafta help these beans and libby. i mean it. please.

mom here: i'll be driving to chicago tomorrow, saturday, for several days - maybe until thursday - so the kitties will be afk for that time 'cause dad doesn't know his arse from his elbow about blogging. it's possible i might be able to peek in if i can get to the library (limited to 15 minutes for non-residents!!!!), but of course that won't help the kitties much.

it's my mom's 90th birthday, and with dad in the nursing home (and mostly non compos mentis), i don't want her to be alone. that just must not happen!! it's not real easy for most of the other kinfolk to get there--they're almost all age and/or distance-challenged. i hate to leave at such an exciting time for the blogosphere! you know i wanna be BOTH places at once, but mom & dad are the hands-down winners. i hope the kitties will attend to their secret paw shopping with dad, and have them ready for me to mail when i get back.

nitro here: fevver-butt mousies!!! fevver-butt mousies!!! wheeeeeeeee!

xingxing: if My Mommy's going away, who will protect me from the scroungy boycats?!? i wish i could go with her!!! my gramma would LOVE me!! (but mom sez there can't be any petses in gramma's building. darn. i will have to find some new hidey-places . . .)

07 December 2006


ed sez:

i gots my secret paw!!!! it's from gemini, georgia, and chey, alla way from washington!! can i open it now, or do i have to wait until catsmas, like mom sez? we nefur secret pawed before, so i don't know . . .

06 December 2006

we have issued a challenge!!!

the missouri meowers have challenged the dainty Precious Flower from Calico Girls to write a pome to her daddy. if she does, and posts it on their site, we will send $15 to the kitty, bean, or association of her choice!! go ofur to their bloggie an' encourage her!!!

need a laugh?

maybe you haven't seen all of these pictures yet. we hadn't, and we've seen lots! mom's friend joe posted them on his bloggie (an' there's lotsa other interesting, neat-o stuff for geeks there). we didn't unnerstand ALL the captions, but then, we're not techno-cats; but some of you are, and we're sure you'll get 'em. you can see them here: www.fourthlaw.com -- it's the most recent post, entitled "im on ur netw0rkz, scannin ur sheenz!!!!!!!1111!"