01 July 2011

ed's custom-made pillow

ahhhhhh. just cradles my melon purrrfeckly.

30 June 2011

international box day

iggy was first inna box!

then came nitro, but the dbd upstaged him. he looks kinda peevish, don't he? MOL!

here's a better, though fuzzy, picture of nitro when he finely got innit.

ed decided the box was easier to get into if he tipped it ofur, but then found out he din't fit so good that way. (MOL, again)

xing liked sniffin' an' cheek-markin' the box, but she woodn't efur get innit.

an' even the dbd tried . . . you kin see how THAT turned out! *BIG MOL*

28 June 2011

ahhhh, c'mon . . .

ya wanna piecea me, don'tcha?
ya KNOW ya do!!! 

(*mom sez, yeah, and iggy got several pieces, judging by the amount of fur wads scattered through the kitchen; mostly orange.)

27 June 2011

mancat monday

since meow like a pirate day is comin', an' i then assumes the persona of "meow fang", cap'n o'th' cat o nine tails, i am studyin' up onna way of the warriorcat. this is me, learnin' to meditate at my meditation pool!