02 June 2007

quiet caturday

nels naps
ed meditates
ed studies the camera strap
the ofurr two were not to be found! napping privately, probly.

30 May 2007

wide-eyed, widebody ed . . .

or, as he is also known, jabba the cat
mom's on that "for heaven's sake, earn your keep" kick again, so ed got a job as a doorstop. he likes it pretty well, since he can even sleep while he works!

29 May 2007

oh, good gawrsh!

yesterday morning:
pretty darn crowded, an' furry noisy at feeding time.

this morning:
only one left, an' he jumped ship an' flew to the yucca plant across the empty lot (we saw him from the living room window!!) when mom pulled the green machine outta the parking place. we hopes the li'l fev-ver machines is all ok!!! our mom an' dad din't find any evvydence of dirty work, so we hopes the mom & dad fev-vers has them stashed safely somewhere not far away!! YAY, BIRDIES!!

toesie tuesday!

notice how big ed's front toezes look, compared to the hind ones? it's almost like he's wearing boxing gloves!

27 May 2007

our widdle babies is growin' up!

looka these fevver machines today! we thought they were big on friday, but gosh--that nest is more crowdeder than efurr!!