08 October 2010

i know NUTHING!!!

honest, mom!! i dunno nuthin' 'bout nocat knockin' ofur the pile of stuff onna footstool!! i'm lookin' an' lookin' an' i don't see no villaincats nowhere!!!!

07 October 2010

3-cat night

it was furry cold last night--a 3-cat night!
well, ok; one of them was the dbd's nasty-lookin' squirrel (rocky), but nitro & ed like him better than iggy, acause rocky don't bite their ears or shove 'em over to hog the best spots on dad's lap!!

05 October 2010


edmund's patient toezies, as they wait to pounce on a crumb of peanut butter sammich! he is polite an' doesn't grab for the sammich, so he gets more than the other, pushier, cats. which is just wrong; initiative should be rewarded!!!!

04 October 2010