04 June 2009

pawdicure time!

you may recall that nitro starred in his own moovey on the subject of pawdicures quite some time ago. well, today he revisits the topic in a more "do-it-yourself" mode, with only a little help from the pawdicurist. he regrets that this is just raw footage, an' he's furry embareassed acause he has no control whatsoefur ofur the moovey-taker who sez she's sleepy an' if he don't take it like this, he's gonna get it . . . well, nefur mind. we won't repeat that rude remark. so anyway, here's nitro:

the pawdicurist was furry helpful an' laid back, so nitro repaid him in kind:

the moovey-taker . . . well, we won't say what she's gettin'.

02 June 2009

again with the "oops"

don't headbonk her arm when she's takin' her blood's pressures, either. she sez it makes it go inta the stratosfeer. i wonder if it kin see our house from there . . .