30 September 2010


we is furry thankful that we din't go to toosahn wif our mom when she went to visit gramma. although we'd like to see gramma, if there is ratties there big enuf to need this trap, we doesn't wanna be there!

29 September 2010

shopping list

what do you suppose will be on ed's list??

28 September 2010

brofurly love . . .

errrrrr . . . licks
akshully, it was a taste-test. there was fightin' an' bitin' goin' on after about 10 seconds of this, an' the red plastic bowl of apples to iggy's left went flyin' offa the table. mom kin be furry cranky befur she's had her coffee!

27 September 2010

mancat monday

what could be holding these kitties' attention so raptly??

imagine that -- an unguarded peanut butter sammich!