04 August 2011

thursday treasure hunt

boys? BOYS! BOYS!!
there's nothing in there for you.
yeah, that's what you allus sez.
and there never IS anything, IS there?
but it smells like noms!
we don't keep the noms there any more, since you two burglars discovered how to pick open the door.
ed, that wasn't very nice, letting the door slam on iggy's paw. what do you say now?
ahem; i don't think iggy heard you.
yeah, i did. he said if i hadn't been foolin' wif the door, you woodn'ta efurr heard us an' we coulda got the noms out wifout you knowin'.
but there ARE NO NOMS, you leather-headed little cuss!
yeah, that's what you allus sez 
i feel a headache coming on ...

03 August 2011

edmund's asleep ...

so we are takin' this opportunity to wash dishes fur mom--she eats her rice wif butter an' salt, an' we din't want ed to be ofurwhelmed wif temptayshun by the butter, since he ain's sposed to haff no fats. we likes our brofur, an' wantsta keep him healthy!! HONEST!! that's all there was to it. srsly.

02 August 2011

3 Ts

tummy, toezies (some of 'em) and tail!

01 August 2011

mancat monday guest star!

it's our buddy, getzger! we all liff in springfield missouri, an' that's the home of the saint louis cardinals' farm team. the g-meister is all deckt out in cardinal red, waitin' fur the next game! we  meowers is all cubs fans, onna counta mommer bein' frum chicago, but we gotta admit getzger's stylin' in this photo!!