17 March 2007

no pinching allowed!!

Make Visual Poetry - ImageChef.com
hugs & kitty kisses to all of you!

--the o'meower clan

16 March 2007

friday feast!

looky! looky! it said it was a "feast for cats", so mom's ordered this for us--we can't WAIT for it to come!!!

15 March 2007

furrsday furrteen

random things we has thunk or learned about fur:

  1.   if you have light-colored fur, your beans will always wear dark clothes.
  2.   sometimes birdies line their nests wif furs that outside critters has shedded.
  3.   bunnies' furs can be improved by giving them linoleic acid on their food, just like kitties!
  4.   fur is tickly, 'specially on/in the nose!
  5.   fur can change color: grandma's black kitty had her arm shaved for an i.v., and when it grew back, it was WHITE!
  6.   a little fur in the dinner plate nefurr hurt nobean.
  7.   a polar bear's furs are really colorless, not white. they looks white because the air spaces inside the furs scatter light of all colors, an' all that's left is white.
  8.   some seasonal fur grows out in a different color (like midnight's ruff, or buns who have white furs in winter and brownish in summer for camoflage).
  9.   some beans' head fur is different from their face fur--mom's cousin curt has yellow furs on his head, but if he grows face fur, it's ORANGE!
10.   glue manufacturers are studying the sticking properties of kitty underfur to see if they can find a clue to better glue ;-)
11.   some beans spin yarn out of woofies', kitties', and buns' underfurs, and knit and crochet clotheses from them--they are just jealous 'cause they don't have furs themselves!! see?
12.   a cross-section of naturally curly fur is elongated and rectangular. wavy fur tends to an oval shape, while straight fur is almost perfectly round.
13.   we shouldn't judge a kitty or a woofie or a bean or nuthin' by whether they gots furs or not--gosh, look at our sphynx furriends, our cheehooahhooah furriends, and our dad! all of them are furry fine critters!

13 March 2007

we has entered the acatemy awards!

we has posted our "opening the care package" AND edmund has re-cut his "valentine to Miss Midnight" movie--the way he wishes he could have done it the FIRST time. go see!

an' if you're a kitty or bean "trekkie", you will like today's Two Lumps comic!

12 March 2007

MOVIE MONDAY: we opens our care package!

mom finally got herself together and finished editing our raw paw-age, and here it is. sorry it took so long, cousin pam!! *nose kisses all around* we thank you again!

we are still enjoying some of the treats and even the fev-ver toys that mom has managed to save from the dawg's jaws!