04 February 2009

plastic head

yes, my little princess cat?
why are you usin' the cell phone alla time instead of the one onna table that we like to whap an' play wif?
because the one you guys knock down every other minute is broken.
did we break it?
one of you did. i'm not mentioning names, but his initials are edmund percival.
oh. why is My Daddy crawlin' onna floor behine the cliner chairs where we sleep?
because he has to fix the phone.
Mamma!! he's usin' words from the bad word list!
yes, he certainly is.
is he gonna use 'em ALL up?
yes, probably.
does that help with fixin'?
i doubt it, but it might help keep your daddy from snatchin' ol' ed baldheaded when he catches him,
because your brofur is a twerp.
well, yes. but what does twerpyness haf to do wif bad words?
ed has the particular kind of twerpyness that makes him eat plastic. you know he likes to crunch the bread wrappers, and wally-world bags, and the blinds, and sammich bags and such.
why is that so bad?
because it also makes him eat electric cords. he has nibbled my laser printer cord, two digital transfer cords, and now chewed the power cord on the telephone in two! i'm puttin' hot sauce on the new ones as soon as daddy's done.
like you puts on tacos? will ed like that?
let's hope not.

*smirk* i won't say a word >;-)