15 October 2007

we gots an award!!

our buddy, fat eric, has gifted us wif this nifty award:it shows he has furry good taste! (an' prolly tastes furry . . . we bets he has a flavor;-)

thank you, eric!


ed & nitro: mom, you isn't goin' day hunting today. we has captured your purse an' keys, an' you can't have 'em back until you pays the ransom: a whole day of snuggles, pettins, cuddles, skritches, lovins an' treatses. it's chilly an' drizzly today, an' we needs extra, extra comfort.

mom: boys, so do i, believe me!! wish i could oblige. but who do you think pays for those treatses? me, 'cause i go day-hunting.

boys: ok, we will (draws deep breath) do wifout the treatses. just the snuggles, etc. will redeem your stuff. an' maybe a bite or two of your lunch.

mom: sounds mighty tempting, boys. mighty tempting . . .