17 March 2011

mommer sez

y'all have a happy st. paddy's day!!
(oh, and ed's forgiven--he's back on The Lap.)
(note my lapel pin)

16 March 2011

mom's list

edmund is on mom's list; we're pretty sure it ain't the catsmas card list.
he an' xing were abiding (relatively) amiably, side-by-side on mom's lap.
then xing looked at ed; ed looked at xing.
they both hissed.
mom moved her arm (the one with ed lying on it).
he scooched ofur to the table.
xing hissed again.
ed dove for her wif fangs a-gape, an' fell short of the mark. 
unfortunately, not short of mom's arm.
he is banned from The Lap.
silly ed.

15 March 2011

"I will protect you always"

let tears of joy outshed tears of grief...

let's us giff them all the protection we can by purrin', purrrayin', an' sendin' healing light to efurry furry an' bean affected by this disaster, efurrywhere!

(many thanks for permission to embed the graphic to Augusta Vindelicorum)