22 August 2009

20 August 2009

okay, reese, here they is!

a kitty named reese tole us we should learn howta post our own pictures, so we don't hasta wait on mrs lazybones mom.

so we's gonna try this "publish right frum the place wif the pink'n'blue dots" thing: we hopes three pictures follows!

felix riese

felix_2, originally uploaded by olrebbie.

this is our cousin felix who lives onna farm wif mom's auntie & uncle. he was furry nice to our mom, an' even slept on her foot fur a while.


daisy, originally uploaded by olrebbie.

this is our woofie cousin, who lives onna farm wif mom's auntie & uncle, an' our kitteh-cousin, felix. she is a furry friendly woofie!

in the coffee shop

this is our mom an' victor an' nina's mom, jen, hammin' it up in a coffee shop. they were nommin' pastry an' suckin' back coffee--an' nitro's mad acause she din't bring him any! it was the first time our moms had met, an' they agree: they could get into some serious fun/trouble if they lived nearer apart!

mom's bein' lazy!

she keeps pleadin' that she's still tired frum her trip home frum chicago!! but how can she be tired if all she did was sit all the way?? the brown machine did all the work! she has some pictures to post, an' promises faithfully to get them onna bloggie . . . we is sittin' here tappin' our paws, waitin'. please wait patiently wif us; we'll get them up, one way or anofur!!

19 August 2009

i'm home!!

dear furriends an' beans: fank you so much!! yer purrs, wags, an' purrayers all helped normusly!

i is home an' peein' up a flood!! i has new meddysins that don't make me loopy, an' some pills fur pain (if i needs 'em) but so far, not!!

i knew i could count onna kitty blogosphere to get me through this--it was hard, acause mom wasn't here, an' even though dad is The Best, he's not the same as mom. but she's here now, too, so efurrything is better! fanks again!!

purrs & headbonks from yer furriend,
nitro s pierce

17 August 2009

hey, cats?

i has a yoorinary fection. my dad has taken me to the v-e-t, an' i has a pill called clamabox to take. please purrr for me. i will try to keep you updated, but mom's still in chicago, an' cocoa volunteered to type for me, but she don't do so good wifout thums eifur!!!

thanks, love an' purrs,
nitro s pierce

UPDATE: the meddysins din't work right; they made me goofy, so dad hauled me back to the vet-motel. i hasta stay all night an' come homes inna morning. the vet stucked me wif a sharp thing an' let water drip inta me. i still doesn't has much inna bladder, but he's hoping. so please keep purrin'!! thanks!!