15 May 2009

FreAkY fuRrIDay!!!

Paging Dr. Daisy!!! Paging Dr. Daisy!!!

13 May 2009


mom gots nice goodies, an' we gots a fort!! it even has a window in case we hafta shoot laser eyebeams at an approachin' vishus deer!an' we gots some rose petals an' leafs to chew . . . although them stems were a little . . . ummmmmm, well, let's say we din't need toothpicks. :ow!:

12 May 2009

look what we got her!!

pretty red roses fur her nose, an'
warm bubbly goodness fur her toes!
well, ok, we din't buy alla the stuff - our bean brofur an' his ladyfurriend did--but we donated all our recent found-inna-laundry-money to help. an' we helped "arrange" the roses an' snoopervise the unpacking an' fillin' of the bubble machine. it is furry loud, so we din't stay around too long when it started spittin' wetness inna air! mom really enjoyed hafin' her feets wet. beans like some strange things, but she's our mom, an' we love her!

11 May 2009

the bravest mancat we efur saw

our very own ed, wif his nose under xing's tail. 
you hasta unnerstand--ed would gladly eat xing's liver, wif or wifout a nice chianti or fava beans. an' vice-versa. you should hear her squall when he even looks at her (he does haf an intimidating stare). an' she can hear him lookin' at her from two rooms away! no, she din't hand him his head; she just kept on sleeping. so why she din't wake up is one of the mysteries of the universe, specially 'cause he gave her a few good sniffs before he settled down to nappin'. 
he is furry, furry, furry lucky.
(if you biggify, it'll look like an impressionist painting--it was a cell phone picture.)