08 November 2007

space cat-dets!

we is furry proud of the discofurry team! they has a lady bean for a boss!!! mom sez that's one small step for a woman, one big leap for womankind! the captain-lady likes to nickname her crew members, so after we attended a briefing by her, we took some names we thought she'd like: Nelson La-Po, Sir Edmun-Do, Nitro-NO-NO!, an' Xing Lo.

(ok, we had a li'l help from the nice furs an' beans at zoolatry. an' they made the nice picture of us at the briefing, an' gave us the pretty patch!) they are SO artsy an' helpful!!! mom's head has almost sploded from makin' the peace globe, an' she'da nefurr got anything this nice done for the discofurry's return! THANKS, zoolatry tribe!!

we saw the meezers, sammy & miles, inna distance, but they were riding on cap'n pambo's shoulders, so we din't get to talk to them. hometown boys gets ALL the perks;-)

07 November 2007

dona nobis pacem

we is proud to help represent all bloggin' kitties (an' there are many of us!!! check us out!!--there are even woofies, too!) in this blogblast for peace.

we is just like human beans. mostly all we wants is enough food an' clean water; warm, peaceful naps; an' a safe place to stay. then we is satisfied, an' more likely not to fight wif one anofurr. (well, OK, a little catnip doesn't hurt.)

so please, you beans who is readin' this--help ofurr beans an' all ofurr creatures all ofurr the world to achieve this by donating time, green spending papers, your helpful ideas, an' anything else you can think of to better their situations. just little things, cumulatively, will do it. this is the first, best step towards world peace. YOU CAN DO IT! WILL YOU????

05 November 2007

sleepy sunday on movee monday

all the 4-leggers are sleeping! that's xena the woofie out near the noise-box, and the dark blob onna floor between the recliners is cocoa. nelson is actually sleeping, we believes. he doesn't like to lie down on beans or chairs. (well, maybe onna chair if no one else's in it, an' maybe sometimes he'll park his toosh on a lap an' cling to the chair arm, but this is just too populated for him to be comfortable. mom filmed this on sunday evening, pretty much too late to post, so here it is on movee monday!

an' allow us to say, we LOVE uploading directly through blogger!! it's the bee's knees!!