30 October 2014

she got another anofur brofur, too!

here's baby sophie, dammitjim's sisfur--all growed up!! now she also hafs a cowcat brofur, Rico, where she liffs wif daddy's human sisfur. they din't want this picture leaked, acause they hafs a siblin' rivulry reppytashun to maintain. but heck; efurrycat hafs SOME dirty laundry an' we jus' HADDA air this bunch ;-)

28 October 2014

bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do ...

daddy made it so's we couldn't tear up the terlet paper ennymore, so we gots our revenge!!

(signed) the fantom paper biter(s) (we ain't admittin' who or how many of us there is! ;-)

27 October 2014

meyowllloween deckerashuns!

mommer gotted the rest of the meyowlloween deckerashuns out on sunday--this is whut greets you onna way to the door, an' this:

 an' this:
is what watches you as you walk up the sidewalk--MEYOWWWWWWWW!