29 December 2006

hey, guys?? a little help here??

we can't post to secret paws' bloggie. how's come? we useta! can somekitty fix that? or is there something we's s'posed to do? TIA!!

xing goes to the v-e-t

xing sez:

My Mommy noticed that i had a bump on my upper lip, right next to where my upper left fang would be (if i had one, but i don't, and nobody knows why i don't, not even me!). so she took me in the brand-new PTU to see dr. harders. it is a furry nice PTU, and she bought it just for us with her very own christmas gift money--THAT's how much My Mommy loves us! i don't even understand what the big whoop is about going somewhere in it--it's beautyful, an' has a soft padded bottom that my toeses can grip so i don't slide around! an' screens on the ends, so i can see what's goin' on around me. if i don't like what i see, i just curl up and put my tail ofurr my eyes!!

anyway, dr. harders's tech examined me first, and then she came in. i told her the tech had tried to do a rude thing with a thermometer, but i had insisted that he NOT do it. just as i finished saying it, in he came again, and she HELPED HIM do the rude thing to me. i consider that furry unsporting, but then that's my life--the boycats gang up on me at home. but i love dr. harders and trust her, so i let them. i am normal. WELL! i could have told them THAT without sticking a thermometer . . .

anyway, she weighed me (7.8 lbs) and examined me all ofurr and looked specially at my lip and chin and throat. mom told her i have scabs all ofurr me from scratchin' at the fleases that darn cocoa-dawg brings in. so she looked at those owies, and at my chin again, an' she said i has eosinophillic granuloma complex. it is 'cause i am lergic to the fleases. so now i have to be frontlined (and i HATES that spray), and i have to take prednisone for lotsa days (which she says will tone down the itchies a lot). My Mommy will keep a close eye on my lip boo-boo, but it will go away with the medicine.

what the boycats don't know is, THEY have to be frontlined, too, and also the dawgs. tee-hee. i'm not tellin'!! they'll find out soon enough!

and My Mommy asked me to tell you she's finally getting the pictures in shape to show you some secret paws package fun. but don't hold your breath; she's busy lovin' on me!

28 December 2006

chilly morning!

mom saw us cuddled up unner the blanket and grabbed the camera. what? what? like we nefur cuddled before? sheesh. how insultin'. brofurly love, an' all that!

she should just go back to fightin' blogger-formerly-known-as-beta. bfkab has hidden some fiddly bits that she wants back, and must read up on where they might be and how to restore them. but she has most of our page back together, so we are happy!!! thanks, mom!!

27 December 2006

well, we has made the move . . .

to the "blogger formerly known as beta". you notice stuff missing, we bet, like blogroller, scooter's picture, our secret paws and cat blogosphere badges. as soon as mom figgers out where they've gone and how to get 'em back, we'll restore them. anybody got any hints?? please email us through our profile! (we think it still works . . .)

26 December 2006

widebody wednesday

ed sez: our fambly gots this christmas card from the folks who sheltered my momcat while she was hatching us kittens! it's not really me, though i am furry flattered to think they thought i could be a model!!

we had a furry merry christmas!

but it was pretty subdued. at noon-thirty, dad went to grandma & grandpa's house wif The Boy, auntie sue, uncle steve, an' cousin kayla, and they had a big party there. mom stayed here acause she couldn't stand the smell of food, an' even hadda hide in the bean den while dad was smokin' the ribs. but it worked out fine: she cuddled us--each an' efurry one (one at a time)--as long as we din't step on her tum. we had cuddles an' naps ALL day long, 'cept for when she let nels open his secret paw (thanks, lizzie and fambly--it was a BONANZA of goodies)!! he let us all get goofy onna nip an' play wif the fev-ver butt mousies (come to think of it, the nip was prolly why he let us play;-). mom's really sorry that she couldn't find the camera to record it. it was a SUPER good time.

then dad finally came home and brought more presents to open, and mom ate more tea and toast. they watched the polar express, acause dad had seen it before and thought mom would like it--she did. an' then he made up the fire and went to bed early--he hadda get up to go to work this morning, but mom's stayin' home TO CUDDLE US SOME MORE!! YAY!!. she's better--she ate some jello already, and is thinkin' about a soft-boiled egg wif toast--and sez it sounds good to her, which is a big step forward. yesterday, she couldn't even walk past the furridgeamerator wifout cringing!

we sure hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and we'll be around to visit a little later!

25 December 2006


to all our furriends!! y'all have a wonderful celebration, and LOVE EACH OTHER MIGHTILY!! many, many purrs and headbutts to all!!

(mom's sorry we haven't been around lately. she's been a lean, green barfing machine since friday midnight, and regrets not being able to visit around at all the stories and open houses. she's better, but still turns icky at the sight of more than toast and tea. we hopes she'll pep up later . . .)