14 July 2011

thankful thursday

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we wanna take this oppertuneity to say fanks! to all of our furriends who stick wif us through thick-n-thin, who take the time to email an' comment, an' who come back to visit us even though we are sometimes lazy (an' sometimes can't get mom off her dead butt to help us) an' don't post a lot. we 'preciates you more than we can say!!

11 July 2011

(almost a mancat) guest star!!!

mommer went to visit our auntie teresa last week, an' found a new kitteh had taken up residence wif her. his name is stormy, an' he's not efen a year old yet!!

he liked playin' "attack the wiggly-things" wif mom's toezes!

he was furry furriendly:

an' he hafs a twichy foot:

an' he REALLY liked mommer's flip-flop shoes:

mommer an' auntie t'rese an' cousin teanna had a furry fine visit, an' we hopes they gets togefur again soon--they wented out fur a fish dinner, an' we got some treats!!!