10 April 2009

to our jewish furriends . . .

may your passover seders be joyous, may your year hold no sadness,
may all your lives be filled with the sweetness of honey!

09 April 2009

13 places mom has found cat-hurl!!

  1. inna folded-up sofa-bed
  2. inna bathtub wif the shower door closed
  3. inna shoe
  4. inna purse
  5. onna fireplace shovel
  6. on toppa the microwave
  7. inna suitcase fulla clothes
  8. inna laundry basket
  9. inna litterbox (mom actually praised us for that one)
  10. onna keyboard (mom actually cussed us for that one)
  11. onna new rugsucker
  12. onna dinner plate (empty until then)
  13. inna linen closet

07 April 2009

tabby tuesday . . .

mom sez payshunts is a verchoo, an' i likes to keep
mom happy, so i am verchoous when he does stuff like this.

but paybacks is h*ll--
this is why i sing for my brekfust at 4:30 ayem.
he keeps sabbatoojeyin' my naptime.