22 September 2007

how i gots my name - nelson

henry helton tagged us wif this meme--thanks, henry!! we're gonna do this one cat/one day at a time, serial-style, 'cause we're also gonna tell about how we got to our furefurr home, too.

Nelson John LaPurr: in the early summer, long years ago, my dad worked for a plumbing supply company named "WinnNelson". my brofur (or sisfur, i can't remember which) and i used to haunt their warehouse. one day, my sibling didn't come wif me, an' i got caught in a big cage. i don't know what happened to my sib, but a nice manbean (who was my dad, but i didn't know it yet) let me stay in his office with him. he started calling me nelson, 'cause he figgered my sib musta been "Winn", and that left me to be "Nelson".

he got me a potty box, fed me, an' let me out to chase mouses in the warehouse. that was ALL RIGHT--i got fed treats and skritched and played with, an' a warm, safe place to sleep--all for doing what i had been doing for free! sometimes i stayed in his office and helped him with his calculator work. sometimes i did his paperwork or arranged his desk.

and efurry five darktimes, i rode on the dashboard of his big blue truck to another place where there were other kitties an' a ladybean an' a boybean. we would stay there for two suntimes, and then go back to the warehouse on the next suntime. the other kitties were pretty nice, but all of them have gone to the bridge since then. i've had to get used to many, many others in my time. and woofies, too. all in all, a pretty ok bunch!

when the cold days came, i was very glad to be sleeping in the warehouse or his office! on a chilly late five-day, i was asleep on top of the little building (inside of which his office was) out in the warehouse, and didn't come when he called to go to the other place. he went without me, and when the ladybean who is now my mom found out, she made him drive all the way back across town to look for me. she cried all the way, and even more as they got near the warehouse 'cause she was afraid she'd see me squashed somewhere at the roadside.

when they came in the front door and went out into the warehouse, dad rolled up the big door to the outside and began calling me. *THUMP* *THUD* i jumped down onto a big box and then to the floor, and meowed. i thought his head hairs (he had more of them, back then) would stand straight up, he was so surprised! the lady picked me up and cried on me, and we went home--for such it became, then. i nefurr went back to the warehouse, 'cause the lady said she couldn't go through such torment again! and so here i am, still. it's a pretty good deal--warm or cool at need, the right food and water, my own corners to nap in, some nip now and then. i wouldn't trade it for a warehouse full of mouses.

oh, yes. the rest of my name? his boss was "John LaPour".

20 September 2007

interesting things about us

first off, we wants to thank all the furries an' beans who took part in "meow like a pirate day". it was awesome to see so much enthusiasm, inventiveness, an' good cheer in the blogosphere. we all did ourselves, our famblies, an' the furries-what-came-before proud!!

we hasn't made it to all the bloggies listed yet, but we will--we loves you guys!!!!!!!!!

we got tagged for this meme by our buddies, sammy an' miles of meezer tails--thanks, guys!! we's gonna do a TT for this--3 for each of us, an' one for mom!

The guidelines for this tag:
  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules
  2. Write some facts about yourself: some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
  3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them)
  4. Let those 7 people know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.
The challenge is to keep it interesting without making the reader think “Um, too much information…”
  1. xingxing has no upper left fang, an' has a red spot on the iris of her left eye.
  2. ed wants to have his own suit of armour. "just to look at", he says;-)
  3. nitro has been threatened with having his hide tacked to the barn door more than once. (can't fink why . . .)
  4. nelson does not sit alla way on beans' laps--after much coaxing, he will park his hindquarters an' lean ofur to rest his forearms on the arm of the chair an' grip it tightly wif his claws.
  5. xingy likes to be held furry close inna beans' arms--almost squishy-close!
  6. ed wishes he could squeeze in a few more naps between sleeps, but keeps being bothered by those darn beans wif the flashy-box.
  7. nitro's favorite daydream is being set loose in a delicatessen that is overrun by mouses.
  8. nels has a "double undercoat" that is like two sets of underwears--two different kinds of furs, an' then a "topcoat"!
  9. xingxing likes to sneak dainty slurps of mom's coffee ('cause it has creamer & sugar).
  10. ed pays absolutely no attention to the living room picture box.
  11. nels LOVES the living room picture box, an' will watch for a long, long time--even reg'lar bean programs.
  12. nitro has gotten little squares imprinted on his nose from tryin' to chase the outside kitties through the screen!
  13. mom din't haf no claws on her littlest hind toes when she was borned, but they showed up later.
Now we tags the lovely miss midnight, little kc, pretty missyblueeyes, an' baby isis from the wren's nest! An' anyone else who wants ta play!!

19 September 2007


arrrr, lads 'n' lasses!! pay heed t'me this day, an' we'll sail fine an' true. now, climb aboarrrr the good ship "cat o' nine tails" an' let's be off for our anchorage! just be rememberin' that there be no poopin' onna poop deck. there be litter boxes below fer ye comfort.

i be yer cap'n, nelson the cranky. beware, lest ye earn yerself a keel-haulin'. the surest way to that be touchin' o' me hindquarters, so keep yer distance from me coattails!!

sailin' wif us today be first mate chow yung fatcat, an' our second mate, nitro the nasty!

our ship's company made a wee visit last night to a small port town, an' came away wif some superb booty. resident femmecat fatale, xing the slice, kep' the populace at bay, errrrr . . . amused till we could take on our carrrrrgo. an' when we left, we threw a little barrrrbeque for them to remember us by. yarrrrrr.

now as we be underrrrr sail on the way to our snug harborrrr, we points out to ye that not all denizens o'the sea be tasty snacks.

some be eye candy, what be things o'beauty, like, but not edible. (although there be some what claims they "has a flavor" . . .)

these seagoing beauties be knowed as "sireeeens", an' they sings beautymous music, but ye must not harken!!!! we finks we did hear her song what lures brave cats to their doom: "skeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzy! skeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzyyyy". yarrrr. that's what it sounded like ter us. we put on more sail, an' made way up the coast!

ahoy! thar be our cove!! fear not, me bravos an' bravettes--there be dories aplenty to be bringin' ye ashore. not a whisker will be dampened, i swear it by davy jones!!

(by the bye . . . . there be no poopin' on the beach, neither. ye'll be findin' plenty o' comfort stations in the underbrush.)

an' should ye be in need ov a nap an' want no sand in yer fur, there be plenty o' these comfy beds scattered 'round in shade an' sun.

an' fer the fillin' o' yer tummies, we recommends these fine vittles what we liberated from that wee port last night (along wif the servin' staff). there be hammm, there be chicken, there be chicken o' the sea! there be hammmm! there be lobster, there be gravlax, there be green leafs an' orange-color sticks fer the buns an' ratties, there be fruits an' veggies o' all description. oh, an' beforrrrr i fergets, an' there be hammmmmmmmmm!!!!!!! yarrrrrr. *slurp*

we'll also be broachin' of the varrrrrious containers o' liquid refreshment, an' there be copious fresh water springs a little ways inland. (we does NOT recommend the ocean waters, should ye be brave enough to lave yer toezies in the surf--be goin' an' washin' yer feets in one o' the springs--the salt'll leave ye parched if ye bathes it away on yer own.) there be many, many kegs o' tuna water, as i promised ye, an' there be niptinis an' jugs o' catmint rrrrrrrrum an' catnip mead for ye as imbibes spirits!

when the sun sets, we'll be sharin' out the booty from that little port -- arrrrr, first mate fatcat! what were the name o' that scurvy shanty town? arrrrr, yairs--that were it---dogville. strange how they come to be havin' such delightsome treats as be fit fer kitties. perhaps they were ready to mount an offensive on the nearby island of cattania, an' we relieved 'em o' the bait they'd use to lure the kitties out into the open!

why, yarrrr. that be it! we done a sarvis for our bretheren an' sisteren of cattania. i be minded to let 'em know, an' be collectin' a rewarrrrrd, i be! we sails tomorrow for meowville, the capital of cattania! make a note o' that, fatcat. should i be somewhat foggy w' the drink on the morrow, i task ye with bringin' our destination to me attention, after a respectful silence. an' in a quiet voice, mind ye!!

inna meantime, me hearties, let's us go an' make free w' the booty from the many chests we collected. here be an example o' the least of 'em. there be yummies an' toys o' all kinds, an' they be ours . . . all ours! let us enjoy 'em in good health!!

when ye be partied out, hail yerself a dory an' return t' our good ship cat o' nine tails. we'll be makin' a last sweep fer sleepin' kitties at eight bells o' the first watch (that be midnight, for ye lubbers), an' ferryin' the bodies to the ship, for we sails at first light. fatcat! where be we bound, again? arrrrr, cattania, that be it. thank'ee.

i takes good care o' them what sails wif me. it's allus calm seas an' fair weather when cap'n nels be at the helm. our ship's fair company hopes ye enjoys yer day an' puts the recent troubles outta yer minds fer a while. we be prrrroud to call ye our mates!

17 September 2007

do ye remember??

sir edmund sez: all ye hearty boycats 'n' comely lasscats, be ready to hoist a tankard an' sail wif the meowers on wednesday!!