08 July 2011

frustratin' friday

i jumped all the way up here fer nuthin'! i figgerd i better inspect that milk bottle just in case it still had some in it, but it din't. i gave it the back of disdain, an' laid down to recoo my energy. pfui!

06 July 2011

05 July 2011

moderately moist mancat monday (belated)

(slightly delayed post onna counta our 4th of july post)

this is whut happens when you stick yer head unner the haff-n-haff when mom's still pourin' it. well, she won't giff us none ennymore, so we hasta do whut we can to get it. only thing is, i couldn't lick the top of my own head, so nitro got it all. some things just don't werk out as planned. *sigh*