01 June 2010

fanks, efurrycat!

well, we finks the memorial day campout at our house was a success. fanks to efurrycat who attended. we 'pologizes fur the lack of moles to chase; the word got out that there was gonna be a concatenation of cats an' they all moved to the next block. mom will be pleased! but the lively voles that whicky wuudler brought an' eric & flynn's farm-fresh meeses were excellent sport! we don't believe we missed any in the clean-up, but i'm sure mom will tell us if we did.

it was furry wunnerful to spend time around the cool air vent (as opposed to the stinky, smelly, hot campfire that mom & dad endured) wif furriends who haf the same interests an' likes an' dislikes! although summa the ghost-dog stories that got told by flashlight even scared US!!

mom got to go onna campout an' did pretty well, ex-toothwise. she sez, howefur, that she din't remember sleepin' inna tent an' paddlin' inna canoo to be quite so stren-you-us. (could be that the last time she did it was 'bout 10 years ago, an' in that time, yer mussels kin forget about a LOT of things! poor mom; she sez growin' old ain't fur sissies.)

fanks again, efurrycat!