22 December 2007

elf, slightly amended

daisy the curly cat thought i shoulda smiled for the camera. comments?

21 December 2007

nitro the elf . . .

WHOA! whatta you mean, i hasta hunt mouses inna reindeers' barn?! THAT'S not in my contract!! do i hasta grieve this to the toy shop elves' union steward?

20 December 2007

night 'n' day

you asked for it, here it is--night 'n' day for our li'l charlie brown tree. even mom calls it that now; if so many kitties think that's what it is, it must be so!!

we're glad mom's posting this today-- tomorrow morning is the "morning after the night before" (beans: remember shelley berman?), that is to say, after her company's holiday party. an' there's no tellin' what time she'd get it posted on friday>;-D))

18 December 2007

we finished trimming the tree

(well, snoopervising from the window, that is.) we got her to hang more sparklies onna li'l tree. if you biggify it, you can even see that the lights are on. it was just startin' to snow when she took the picture. she's peevish acause we din't get the 5"-10" of snow the man inna talking box promised.

when we mentioned that the tree looked like the one we saw onna talking box wif her about the boy named charlie brown . . . well, "peevish" don't beginta cover it! so we are bein' extra careful about who we hiss at an' are refrainin' from smackin' the brown dawg for a couple of days, an' snugglin' extra so she forgets that we insalted her tree.

17 December 2007


we just kinda gots "into a mood" the ofur night an' this song came spillin' out. it's sorta "nightmare before catsmas" meets "up onna housetop". you maybe wanna read it yourselfs before lettin' the younger kits read the first part onna counta it's kinda scary! but it does teach that being prepared is a good thing!!
Up onna housetop, the reindeers pause,
Scratchin’ an’ scrabblin’ wif vishus claws,
Hunting the tender yung joosy cats,
Red-eyed an' wearin' their santa hats.

CHORUS: Oh, no, no! We wouldn't go,
    Oh, no, no! Not wif reindeers, no!
    Up onna housetop oh so slick,
    We ain't gonna fall for no reindeer trick!

Out hops the fat man and down he goes,
Laden wif toys an’ treats an’ bows,
But the reindeers are plotting something mean:
They’ve got visions of cats dressed as cuisine!

They leap for the chimbly and try to dive
Down to the front room where kitties hide,
Snortin’ an’ stampin’ ‘cause they won’t fit--
Antlers too big--so they hafta quit.

Jumpin’ off the roof, they land on their toes
An’ they tippy-tippy-tippy to a window that glows
Wif the light of the catsmas tree so gay
An’ a glimpse of some sweet li’l cats at play.

Now they tippy-tippy-tippy to the tinseled door
An’ let themselves in, tippy-tippy some more,
Sneakin’ down the hall—just a little clatter—
But the sharp-eared kitties begin to scatter!

Now Santa has flown up the chimbly tall--
He sees no sleigh an’ is just appalled.
The reindeer advance on the kitties small. . .
Oh, noes! It could be the end of ‘em all!

But these kitties are smart, they’re all prepared
(If the deers had known, they’da nefur dared).
Behind all the chairs an’ the sofa wide
The cats just bide their time and hide.

The reindeer come snoopin’ to see what’s what,
An’ the kitties let loose wif some powerful stuff!
The deers make a beeline right out the door--
Soaked with Mao & Rocky’s VDR!

The reindeers fly off wif no backward look
An’ the fat man his mittened fist he shook.
He slides off the roof and looks mighty glum
Then walks to the street an’ sticks out his thumb.

The kitties cry out, “Oh Santa, noes!
“C’mon back in an’ thaw your toes.
“We’ll share our temptations an’ milk wif you,
“We’re good little kitties, you know that’s true.”

So the fat man sits down an’ enjoys a treat
An’ skritches each kitty tumblin’ ofur his feet.
He is warm and so happy he got to stay,
But now it is time to be on his way.

He calls Mrs. Claus for the backup sleigh
(Not pulled by deers but by horsies grey).
As he mounts to the sky, all the kitties hear,
“Happy Catsmas to All—and no deer next year!!!"