11 January 2008

Maobert!! Annie!!

efurryone is missing you dreffully!!
there will be extra treats an' hugs an' pettin'
when you get home!!

G*D IS GOOD!! - MAO IS HOME!! 1-13-08

09 January 2008

weird wednesday

you know, i read ofur on skeezy's bloggie that mao & rocky had a catsmas meerikul. that is furry nice, an' i hope it continues. but what do you call it when the meerikul comes 18 days after catsmas? here is a picture of me, ed, AND nitro all lying on mom to keep her warm. ed got aboard first, an' then i climbed up, an' finally nitro took the back seat. we stayed there a lonnnnnnng time. maybe it's not a meerikul; maybe i'm just getting better at ignoring those stinky boycats. --xingxing

08 January 2008

tornado tuesday followup pictures

(see post below to find out what this refers to, if you din't see it before)
nels an' nitro "duck an' cover" under great-gramma's chairs

ed makes like a nostrich inna corner.
we dunno where xingxing was; she had her own little burrow!

mom said she thought that maybe a vehicle slid off the road
during the storm an' tilted it . . .
uhhhhh, mom? there's no tracks inna dirts around it!!

tornado tuesday

well, some of you may haf seen onna talking picture box that the southwest corner of missouri, where we lives, gots pounded wif tornadoes last night. yup. one storm after anofur came roaring through about efurry 45 minutes until we losted count (mom: i think there were six before it was all done, and maybe one more around 3 am, when the sirens started up again), but thank bast, we is still here. our block don't seem to haf got much damage from the winds that yowled all night (along wif those turrible noisy sirens), but we dunno much more than we can see out the windows right now. our talking picture box is blank this morning an' power is iffy--we is hopin' to get this posted before it goes "poof" again.

mom & dad herded us all into one tiny room inna middle of the house last night around 6:30--even though we clung like limpets to the hiding places we had already selected around the house!!--an' we hadda stay there ALL NIGHT!!! alla us, woofies an' kitties!! we hadda share xing's ONE litter box!! now, that's cruel an' unusual punishment, an' we hadn't none of us done nuffin' wrong!! they SAID it was for our protection, but it seemed pretty odd to us. we was scared, an' we din't know why!

it's pretty calm outside now, an' we fink the sun might show her face a little later . . . mom's gotta get to the day-hunting place now, an' see if the building is still there. we hope not--then she could come back an' cuddle us for a LONG while! she's muttering something about who do we think buys the food an' litter. . . well, daddy does, don't he? his day-hunting place is fine!
(note: mom called an' said hers is ok.)

anyway, we's all here togefur, an' that's what counts!!

07 January 2008

mancat monday

it was been furry cold here early last week (down to 7 degrees one morning), so i have been alternating between my spiffy new blue cube hide-out an' close up to the stove. here is a picture mom took as i warmed my ol' bones by backing up under the firebox. very theraputic!!

you can see lotsa crud on the floor all around the stove; mom and dad love wood heat, but say it sure is messy. we meowers all love it too, because it keeps us nice an' toasty, and because so many interesting smells come in with the wood. mouses an' other cats an' bugs all leave their stories behind as they climb on the woodpile, an' we read those stories with our noses. gives us lots to dream about as we fall under the spell of The Warm!

***oh, yes--HAPPY PURRTHDAY, GRAMPA!! our chicago grampa is 94 human years old tolday! i just can't even begin to calculate how many naps that must be--an' he's like us--he takes a lot of 'em!!***