30 October 2006


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(and don't neglect Part Deux of the Prize Package Opening, below!)

Prize Box Video - Part Deux

we wants to point out that nels is not really a meany-cat. it's just that he so seldom does anything but eat, sleep, and potty that when he showed up for the opening, we couldn't resist "embroidering" a little . . .

29 October 2006

Prize Box Video - Part I

ok, here's the first part of the fun!!

leaf stew!!

 this is cocoa's water dish outdoors--it was clean, new water this morning! the day turned grey, cloudy, & cool, and the wind blew and blew!! not all our pretty trees are pretty anymore. *sigh* Posted by Picasa

nope; not yet

no video yet, that is. in the mean time, here's a picture of a sleep shirt that mom's bean sisfur sent her. we think it ROCKS, 'cause we all cuddle and watch the bean tv program with mom & dad. we wishes there was one for us, starring THESE babes!! way to go, aunty marilyn!!