13 October 2006

hell has frozen over . . .

the mom sez:

photographic proof that it's a cold day in hell AND missouri, and there are no wood stoves fired up in either place. you would never catch nelson this close to ed & nitro, otherwise.

xing lu, however, is cuddled up in the kitty cozy in her suite of rooms. when you see her lying this close to the boys, you might's well hang onto yer glass eye and yer wooden leg, gertie--life as we know it will be comin' to a screechin' halt in a matter of minutes!

we'd like to get him one of those heated kitty cups, but he'd probably pee in it to declare his ownership and electrocute himself in the doing. hafta mull this over for a while. we know his "arthur" bothers him and have started him on glucosamine and chondroitin, but heat would give immediate help. darn opinionated cat!

11 October 2006

halloween costume posting

we has put nitro's halloween costume picture on the contest page, so g'wan ofur there and see all the inventive kitties' pictures! there are LOTS of 'em, but room for more--so if you hasn't participated yet, be sure to check out skeezy's page, 'cause he's extended the deadline for efurryone who hasn't had a lot of time to do this!!

09 October 2006

a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do

to keep warm on a cool fall day! unfortunately, not long after this was taken, he rolled and stretched and pushed the "test page" button and scared hisself right off the printer! *silent kitty laugh*