08 August 2008

07 August 2008

a splanation for billy

we noticed that when li'l billy sweetfeets gingersnap commented on "naughty, naughty mencats", he wanted to know if there was somefing wrong wif wantin' to eat all the foods.

well, yes, li'l furriend, in our case there is. our brofur nels is a geezer, an' that means he's furry old an' creakey in his bones, an' he has a prollem wif his heart. he hasta eat special foods that has extra vitymans an' stuff that geezers need to keep onna right side of dirt. they also makes him pee a lot, although we've nefur figgered out what peein' hasta do wif blood pumpin'! so if the foods you is steelin' borrowin' from a kitty has a differnt flavor from your foods, you should make sure that it's not something that is wrong fur you.

although his foods wouldn't hurt us unless we eated them alla time, mom sez we pees quite enough, thankyoufurrymuch, an' we doesn't need to increase our output. she also sez if you beats up on geezer cats or kitties who can't defend themselfs, you'll go to stay wif basement cat. furefurr.

an' besides, if you eat too much, you will asplode.

06 August 2008

whitester wednesday

here's our cousin, powder, surveying the world from the safety of her daddy's shoulder. it may look like she's an "odd-eyed" white, but it's just that her lasers are set on two different speeds. she wanted to be ready to either stun or annihilate whatever was making noise on the carport!

05 August 2008

ed wears boxing gloves

well, honestly, that's what it looks like in this picture!

04 August 2008

naughty, naughty mencats

::music up:: "whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad cats, bad cats? . . ."::music fade::


convicted losers, nitro (left) and edmund (right) agreed to make this PSA as part of a plea-bargain deal :

"kitties, when you try to strong-paw a geezer cat outta his food dish, this is what happens to you. you get sent to the chair jail. an' you get held there by a mean ol' matron wavin' a squirt gun. she don't smile, she don't gif you any treats. if you twitch a whisker, she shoots ya. she sez things like, 'we'll see how YOU like goin' wifout food, you bullies. whatcha think of THAT, eh? if suppertime comes an' some big bully browndog comes by an' pushes you an' growls at you, an' then eats yer food? eh? whattaya say? i can't HEAR you!!! . . .' an' stuff like that. It's no fun, especially if it's before she's had her coffee. so don't be a bully. geezers needs their foods, too. be good kitties, or you'll end up like us--in chair jail. we is furry sorry we was bad an' do not recommend the life of a bully. "

(overheard: is that camera still rollin'? off? good. jeez; i can't believe i said that [mimicking a baby girl-cat's voice: "we is furry sorry we was bad . . ."] gimmea break. let's go score some nip. i need to think about how to get his suppe . . . was that rain i just felt? it felt wet. awwww, crap!--she's got the squirter . . . !)

::music up and out:: "whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad cats, bad cats? . . ."

03 August 2008

don't think too hard, it's sunday!

while mom an' dad was passing the emergency pet hospital today (for a change, NOT hauling one of us in, thank bast!), they noticed the markee said, "is your pet right-pawed or left-pawed? ask a vet tech!" when they got home, mom started to check onna innernets, an' this is what she found:

The cat can also be a right pawed cat, a left pawed cat, or they can be ambidextrous. “Righty, Lefty or Both?” states that “Cats tend to have paw dominance somewhat akin to the right- and left- handedness found in humans. In one study, researchers reported right front paw usage was observed in 20 percent of the cats, while another 38.3 percent favored the left side. The remaining 40 percent were ambidextrous.”

so, lady- an' gentlecats, whattaya have to say about this? true? false? examples? anecdotes?