19 December 2008

nitro is takin' ofur

takin' ofur nels's job as guardian of the catsmas tree, that is. he better do a good job. we're waitin' to see how this works out, since he's the one most likely to chase xing up it!!

17 December 2008

THIS is how you be an elf--CHILLAXIN'

catsmas tree report: STILL STANDING!!
sidebar report: still at the bottom. anycat know howta fix this????

16 December 2008

does anycat see our sidebar???

if not, does ya gots any clues where it went??? CALL CCSI!!!! HALLLLLLP!!! mom is astreemly provoked!

UPDATE: thanks, dana an' meezer guys!! now all we need is to figger out how it got down there an' how to get it back. any suggestions from the more techie cats or beans??

oh, an' mom sez she's proud of us--the catsmas tree survived its first night. now we'll see what happens during the day! xing sleeps in her room an' cocoa sleeps inna beans' den at night, so things should be more aciting today! ;-D

15 December 2008

elves in training . . .

xing sez: i enjoyed my part in ccsi (WHICH STARTS HERE!!!! TODAY!!!!) everso much more than this silliness, but *sigh*, it's exposure, an' i guess if i'm gonna be a nactresscat, i'm gonna hafta put up wif it.nitro sez: mmmmmph!

ed sez: i think they need a little christmas spirit seminar;-)