01 August 2012

we dunno if nitro was jealus of iggy's Catman picture yestiddy an' wanted a cape, or whether that wally-world bag jumped out an' tried to strangle him! bast knows, it stuck wif him like a secont skin until mommer took pity an' divested him of the crackly incumbrence. good thing, too; edmund was lookin' longin'ly at that crinkly, crunchity, temptin' plastic. we shudders to think how nitro woulda taken to ed holdin' him flat while munchin' down on his faverite substance!

31 July 2012

terrible tuesday

high above the darkened city, Catman broods on the evils of deer-kind and the terror spreading ofur the land.

30 July 2012

mommer monday

we's lettin' mommer post this picture acause it really does haf to do wif us. here's the story: 
a couple of years ago, that Arthur Itis feller started hurtin' our gramma b's (mommer's mama) fingers more'n usual an' makin' 'em shrinkify, so she hadda quit wearin' her engagement ring an' she giffed it to our auntie mairzey. some time after that, she couldn't wear her weddin' band eifur, an' was gonna giff it to mommer, but thought she should hang onto it until mommer came to arizona to bisit. then before mommer arrived, gramma started lookin' fur it, annit was nowheres to be found. it was losted, stoled, or strayed. well, she felt real bad about it, so she filed a ninsurance claim an' gotted green papers fur it an' gave 'em to mommer instead. mommer felt real bad that she wouldn't haff gramma's actual ring, so she decided to hang onto the green papers until she saw somethin' that "spoke" to her.  ... lonnnnnnnng silence ... nuthin' spoke up fer months.

one day, mommer was trawlin' the innernets an' happened upon a page that showed pictures of a heartbeat, an' she got to finkin' what a cool design element it was. then she finked about how to use it. an' then she finked, "hmmmm, jewelry." she likes to wear pretty rings, so she designeded this one an' used the green papers to haff it made here in springtown by the lovely folks at cornerstone jewelry. They listened carefully to what she wanted, letted her come in an' see the work in progress, an' finely deliffered the finished beautymous product. she chased all ofur gettin' sounds to use, but one was too soft to record good, one was kinda uneven, an' one was too raggedy to make a pretty picture. but finely she founded one that was just right.

now she'll nefur be wifout a reminder of us (not countin' cat hairs), acause it's not a heart-beat at all that's engraved onnit. it's one of us, purrin'.