24 June 2011

we has a visitin' bunneh in the 'hood!

ain't his travel trailer HUH-YOOJ?
he must haf awful tall blocks onna foot pedals!

23 June 2011

nitro & the lab test

our resident lab tech performs a flea check;
i passed!!
(mom's furriend, mr. dave, sed it looks more like a mugging!)

22 June 2011

breffus fur two

edmund!!! i SEE your paw sneaking towards that sammich!!
which sammich, mom? 
THAT sammich. my breakfast sammich.
oh--THAT sammich.
no worries; i'm just meditating on how tasty my new pancakeitis cat kibbles is.
you are, are you?
 mom. really.
trust me.

21 June 2011

tabby tuesday tip:

(oops; some ov you may haff seen this last caturday; 
mommer was confussed about dates. sorry.)
strive to improve yerself efurry day by readin' the noospaper.
an' if it's cold in yer house, you kin snuggle unner it!

20 June 2011

stoopid blogger!!

furst it published tabby tuesday on caturday. so mom re-dated it. now it's published on monday an' she can't change it. so followin' this announcement, you has two--count 'em--two posts. that is all you're gonna hear frum us until wensday. an' we know that fur certain, acause we haffn't written it yet. (just shows to go ya what happens when you try to get ahead!)

mommer went shoppin' !

ummmmmmm, mom? we fink we should haff a little talk . . .