27 November 2014

thanksgiving wishes

we has a thankful (or six ) today!

we is thankful all you is our friends.
(alla you new ones an' alla you from 'way back when!)
(aspeshully those faithful readers who keep on readin' efen though mommer don't make it to their bloggies furry offen.)
we is thankful our gramma's stroke of a couple days ago wasn't serious.
(she was not able to talk good for a couple days, but daddy sez she's runnin' off at the head today!)
we is thankful that she is gettin' good cares!
(we will bisit her tomorrows inna nursin' home. but we is sad that our ofur gramma an' auntie mairzey is in arryzona so we can't bisit them.)
we is thankful fur our new house.
(there is SO much room to run.)
we is thankful our fambly is here in mizzery to sellybrate wif us!
(sophie's momma & daddy--aunt susan an' uncle steve, cousins kayla & mike)
we is thankful that our sisfur xing is maybe comin' outta her shell!
(strange, but true.)

an' we is thankful we is all togefur.
we hopes you all haff a fine thanksgivin' an' many naps an' snacks!

26 November 2014

restful wednesday?

Nitro:  You're gonna be done with Facebook soon, right, mommer? An' we'll go sit inna 'cliner by the sparking box, right, mommer? An' you'll pet an' skritch me, right, mommer? 

Mommer: not if you want Turkey Day vittles tomorrow, buster. I need to start snappin' beans and soakin' turnips and thawing pies, and getting bowls and pans out, and making my last run to the store. If you want the good stuff, I gotta prepare.

Nitro:  you ain't left yet???? great balls o' fire, woman! daylight's burnin'!!!

25 November 2014

evening entertainment

Dammit does not miss bird t.v. in the evening--he has fire t.v.!