17 July 2009

last chance!!

today's the last day for entries in our story contest! you can win a nip cigar an' this hansum badge to decorate yer bloggie, if getzger the cat picks your story as best!

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16 July 2009

thrillin' thursday

o. m. c. !!!!! i'm outside!!! whazzat noise???
gots to keep an eye -- BOTH eyes -- on it!!
an' tune in all my whiskers!!
and then . . . and then . . .

green prickly things tickled my little pink toez, so i bited them . . .
an' they were delicious!!
where has this been all my life??????
why din't they bring me out here before????
can i sue????

and when can i go back???

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14 July 2009

happy birthday, mom robyn!!

we hopes yer birthday is the bestest ever,
an' yer baycayshun is restful an' fun!

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toez & noez tuesday

nitro's little pink toez an' noez.

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13 July 2009

your story, please?

what under the canopy do you suppose happened here??????

tell us in 100 words or less, an' win a nip cigar! winner's story to be chosen by getzger the cat. contest closes friday, 17 july.
enquiring minds want to know!!