21 October 2009

wounded wednesday

yes, xingie?
does you still luff me?
yes, sugar-pie.
even though i hurted you?
yes, sugar-pie; even though you gaffed me like a fish.
uhhh, 'scuse me?
that just means "stuck me in a vein with your needlelike claws and made me bleed copiously despite direct pressure applied immediately".
what on earth were you thinking?
i saw the iggymonster onna floor ofur by daddy's chair.
on the floor? that's hardly the same thing as him sitting on my arm six inches away from you!!
i know; i dunno why i thought i could smack him. efurrything just turned red in front of my eyes and i smacked. seein' him makes me wanna smack. an' he hisses an' spits at me, an' smacks back.
don't i always tell you that the boycats just like to tease?
he wasn't teasin'.
what was he doing that ticked you off, then?
he was breathin'.
that's NOT the same as teasing, xingxing.
when it comes to boycats, it's the same thing.
xingie? what goes on in that little head of yours?
i dunno, mama.
me neither, honeypot. me neither.

20 October 2009

tuesday trauma: tail of two fevvers

mom an' miss ginger went out shopping togefur, an' when they came home, this is what they found in our front yard :
a fevver called a hawk (of some sort, daddy finks a young redtail--does ennycat know fer sure? we lives in southwestern missouri) tacted an' kilt (!) anover fevver (a dove). the hawk fevver just stood there an' stood there while they took pictures, an' din't fly away until they started to walk out to it. an' then they realized that the hawk had been perched on the remains of the dove--he carried them up an' away wif him, an' this is all that was left behind!!we wanted to go out an' roll inna fevvers an' take 'em indoors for playin' but mean ol' mom sed we coudn't acause fevvers carry sickies called sit-a-co-sis, an' she din't want 'em inna house. pooey. obviously, the hawk wasn't scairt of no sickies!!

19 October 2009

we gots a suspicious envellup!!

an' then mom tored it open fur us:

we loves these catnip piggies!!
thank you, mrs. victor-n-nina's-mommy!!

an' now here's a bonus video of the
evil pen-monster tormenting nitro and iggy!