13 January 2011

let's get sumthin' straight . . .

there will be no web surfing around here until i get sufficient lovin' an' pettin', an' maybe a paw massage or two!!!!!

12 January 2011

i has a blankie

. . . or, akshully, the blankie has me!!

11 January 2011


you know how back on 5 january we posted that it was anofur chilly day in hell acause ed's an' xing's furs were touchin'? well, the end is truly nigh:

monday night, ed snoozed for prolly 20 minutes wif his head pillowed on xing's back. an' she knew he was there; i know, acause she looked ofur her shoulder at him an' hissed--but she din't move!! we are truly afurraid that somethin' turrible is comin'. maybe sammy's right about the aliens, although the dbd hasn't showed enny signs of learnin' to cook. (we don't fink she could even boil water, acause she can't even make the fossit spew water for her own drink bucket--the beans hasta do that fur her, an' we doubt they'd agree to get water fur her to cook 'em in;-)