16 December 2006

our mom is home!!!

nitro sez:

yay!!!!! she got back last evening. it was a wonderful time, she sez, but she was glad to get back home where cats needed lovin' and dawgs needed pettin'. and i guess she was glad to see dad, too. they was huggin' for a LONG time.

but this morning she's got laundry and thank you notes and catsmas shopping to do, and we needs litter and foods, so off she goes again! but this time, she'll be back soon. an' she promised a recliner nap and extra pettin' later, so we'll hold her to it--literally!

thanks to all you who wrote with good wishes and purrs and purrayers for her safe trip--they worked--she nefur even got losted once!

we'll be on line again, maybe later, maybe tomorrow--see you then . . .